PHA: a product from Phaeton
PHA is a native coin deployed from Phaeton Blockchain with a max. cap supply of 500 million PHA Coins. As of January 2021, approximatley 175 million PHA are in global circulation whith the intention to deploy more PHA Coins as the market matures

PHA Coin is classed as an utility coin, used as a transaction fee across the Phaeton Bllockchain network including independent Sidechain applications.

Deployed custom Sidechain applications for our clients, whether it be a public, private or hybird ledger platform, will require PHA Coins to be used to validate transactions.

PHA Coin represent value to individuals, businesses and communities organisations holding PHA Coins who are entitled to staking rewards as part of the dPoS process.
Is PHA Listed?
Currently PHA Coins is not listed however, is schedule to be relisted by June 2021 on exchange trading platform, accessible by individuals from most parts of the world.

An announcement closer to the date will be made , informing which exchange platform our PHA holders can buy, sell or trade.
Can I Buy Now?
Yes, you can buy PHA Coins via our Over the Counter (OTC) sales process by clicking on the "Buy PHA" button below.

The price of the PHA Coin is discounted at a special rate until listed on multple exchange platform. The price is in Australin Dollars. Remember to set up your Phaeton Wallet.
When Do I Receive My PHA?
Once you have completed the enquiry form, we will send to you an application form along with an agreement to be completed.

You will be provide our Trust Account details and once the payment is received, we will send your PHA Coins to your Phaeton Wallet. .
Looking to be apart of someting big?
You can purchase PHA Coins directly.