We help SMEs improve their business using Blockchain Technology
We deliver smart blockchain technology.
At PLAAK Technology, we offer bespoke Blockchain Technology solutions for our customers to accelerate their organisation.
Best Blockchain Solutions
Adopt. Improve. Simple


Simple. Customisable. Designed for any industry.
Adopt tomorrow's Sidechain technology today to improve your SMEs process..

Our solution is simple, secure and cost effective.

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Secure your assets through issued of Security Tokens
Compliment to your private Sidechain application, expand your investor base by issuing security tokens.

Efficient, transparent and secured by Phaeton Blockchain.

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Authenication. Biometric security for all approvals.
With our biometric smart card we can create a card for your specific needs whether it be a debit, credit, e-wallet or identification card.

Backed by Phaeton Blockchain, the smart card is rendered useless without card owner biometric fingerprint.

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Simple. Cost Effective. Efficiency key to success.
Powered by Phaeton Blockchain, a simple effective supply chain application.

Designed to build transparency, trust and reduce inconsistencies in logistic of product, items or process information.

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Why Use Blockchain?
Blockchain establishes transparency through recording all transaction, whether it's financial or non-financial in real time. The information cannot be changed.
Blockchain is designed to remove the requirement of 3rd-party intermediaries to verify each transaction creating efficiency and cost reductions in real time.
Blockchain provides enhanced layer of security for enterprises, decreasing the chance of tampering and manipulation of transaction records and hacking of information.
Blockchain technology creates a layer of trust bewteen parties when it comes to transaction and record history. It adds an unprecedented layer of accountability.
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