Our vision is helping SMEs use Blockchain Technology in a productive and cost efficient way providing transparency, trust and security.
Transparent. Trust. security.
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Plaak Technology, leaders in Blockchain Technology, continually delivers innovation to SMEs to enable effective digital transformation.
We are your Blockchain partner, for today and tomorrow.

Our mission is to work with our customers in delivering superior Blockchain Technology solutions.
Delivering Blockchain Technology for tomorrow.

Every day, PLAAK Technology thrives on being better on delivering world-class Blockchain solutions to our customers, giving them the tools to excel.
Even as the pace of change is accelerating.

Innovation is core of our business and this is what empowers our team to continue delivering excellence in all our tech developments.
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Our team is made up of fun, vibrant, passionate and experienced people driven to succeed.
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Who is PLAAK?
Completed Projects
Current Projects
New Direction
Who is PLAAK?
PLAAK is a Blockchain technology company, delivering innovated solutions to communities and businesses.

Since our inception in January 2018, we have continued to evolve in developing software and Blockchain applications such as our digital exchange, biometric card, Phaeton and host of other projects.
Completed Projects
Products and solutions built and deployed in the market since our inception.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange, registered.
  • Blockchain platform, Phaeton (phase 1)
  • Biometric card, proof of concept (phase 1)
  • Core App, identity and biometric
  • Gaming App, for an Australian client
Current Projects
PLAAK is currently developing and updating our key products to further enchance our value proposition.

  • Blockchain update - website, web & mobile wallets/explorer (phase 2)
  • Sidechain Application on Phaeton Blockchain
  • Supply Chain Application on Phaeton Blockchain
  • Biometric card update (phase 2)
New Direction
Recently, PLAAK majority acquired and repositioned as a Blockchain technology company focusing on businesses and community organisation solutions.

The Phaeton Blockchain platform and PHA Coin will become a community driven project supported by PLAAK and other partners.
R&D Status
Through our Australian subsidiary company, PLAAK has successfully obtained R&D registration status both in the financial year of 18/19 and 19/20 for the Phaeton Blockchain, CORE Application and Biometric Card. The registrations are issued by AusIndustry, Department of Innovation and Science for the Australian Government.

Achieving this status is a proud achievement from the team at PLAAK and demostrates our abilitiy to think outside of the box and challenge ourselves to disrupt with innovated solutions.
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