Deploying a secured smart card, only the holder can authorise.
Biometric Smart Card - Simple yet effective card incorporating biometric fingerprint to authorise every transaction.

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White-Label solution, has the ability to integrate into any SMEs providing transparency and securely protect the individuals and/or organisations information.
Different. Simple. Secured.
Theft is real, protect the information, secured by Phaeton Blockchain for the smart card.
The biometric card information is secured by Phaeton Blockchain..
The transaction information is recorded on the Blockchain in real time, no tampering..
The biometric card requires the card holder's biometric fingerprint to authorise the transaction..
The biometric card is the same size, feel and weight of your debit card.
The biometric card is useless for someone else to use the card without your biometric.
Our biometric card is custom to your business requirement with your brand and colours.
Designed for tomorrow
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