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We overview all crucial stages for success from a technical standpoint


Technology Development

Get collaborative step by step expert aid in building your POC.


Legal Assistance

Our team of lawyers will help mitigate legal and regulatory risks.


Public Relations Management

We create headlines that boost your bottom line, and help in building brand .


Strategic Marketing Communications

Deliver the right message through appropriate channels using our strategic approach to customer outreach.


Advertisement Support

Get your point across through authoritative media and Blockchain marketing experts.


Blockchain Payment Integration

One of the essential implementations of Blockchain technology is for transferring funds with a minimal fee involved.


ICO & Token Development

As Blockchain is past its initial stage and investors are looking for a mature and well-rounded product.


Blockchain R&D

Blockchain enables R&D departments to keep data secure, establish methods of access.


Blockchain Development Services

Get collaborative step by step expert aid in building your POC, auditing the abstract.


Blockchain Technology Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive consulting services for those that want to be in the know.


UI/UX Product Design

Every Blockchain product relies on state of the art supplementary services.


Cyber-Security Services

Being involved in Blockchain technology requires the highest security level possible.


Cloud Architecture Services

Our cloud expertise is extensive and covers Amazon AWS, MS Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.


Software Development

Being stuck with outdated software models is detrimental to any business in the long run.


PLAAK Philosophy

We were always thinking global

PLAAK is a result-oriented team focused on ambitious projects that require a visionary approach. We aim to solve the greatest challenges with hard work, keeping up with latest technological developments and thinking out of the box. Each step we take out of our comfort zone brings us closer to being an elite service provider. Our mission is to bring technology to the general public without sacrificing quality in the process. Only a global team can compete in a globalized world and deliver real world benefits for every community. At PLAAK, a satisfied client is not enough. We strive to make our clients happy.

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We help organize and safe keep medical histories, connecting patients to a reputable doctor who actually cares. Learn more about how Blockchain and healthcare is a match made in heaven.


Industry leading magnates have given Blockchain technology thumbs up and put their money where their mouth is. The next step in smart investing and emerging stock markets in fin-tech are at your fingertips.

Supply Chain

Streamline your supply and demand and save money all the while. Foolproof tracking from production to sales makes for a satisfied customer. The security of Blockchain Technology we offer leaves no room for error.

Real Estate

Listing, sales, buying and leasing just got a lot easier. Cutting-edge Blockchain tech brings real-estate to your doorstep, opening a whole new world of possibilities. Our service contributes to extending yours.


List your surplus or unused goods in a user-friendly account in a worldwide marketplace. We enable the general public to buy intact merch at garage-sale prices by cutting costs in a fully autonomous market.

Internet Of Things

Learn why crypto means discount and privacy in IoT. We offer a wide array of cutting edge, secure services on a budget. From company cloud I.T. infrastructure to SaaS solutions, go for the best money can't buy.

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