Starting as a solutions for global transactions, the advancements that Blockchain brought forth are security, privacy and decentralization. The three main technological improvements over existing software solutions and the visionary management and development teams have made it clear that its real world applications go way beyond cryptocurrency transfers between two parties.

Fortune 500 and global companies in diverse technologies have already implemented solutions based on Blockchain technology and many are soon to come. From investment companies, research and personal data management in healthcare, supply chain solutions to renewables and energy, it has seen more and more applicative uses. This is due to the evolution of Blockchain technology by using the underlying layers to develop more flexible applications with extended functionality.

Along with the core cryptocurrency community’s expansion, companies have found a way to permanently upgrade their systems and reach out to a wider customer base.

Our Approach and Methodology

At PLAAK, we’ve utilized Blockchain technology to the furthest extent possible and explored the opportunity for different markets. We are also Blockchain technology enthusiasts as understanding how the Blockchain community has addressed different problems helps us in solving the challenges our clients are facing.

It’s not just our industry standard approach to Blockchain technology that enables us to create the best solutions. At PLAAK, we have a team that is poised to deliver:

  • Timely results and communication
  • Find the best infrastructure and deploy applications
  • User-centered applications with usability and accessibility in mind

As an ambitious company, the only way for us to progress is by reaching out to industry leaders and deliver quality solutions. We keep our enthusiasm going by feedback from satisfied customers.

Blockchain R&D Services

The first step in the research process is analysis of company operations or a proposed innovative solution to a problem to determine that Blockchain technology is the optimal solution. We will conduct the first few meetings in the form of a Blockchain Ideation Workshop. The discussions are aimed at getting to know the operations in your company operations and giving you a basic understanding of how Blockchain technology works.

Proof of Concept

From your input, we’ll analyze where your companies workflow and Blockchain technology meet to find the common denominator for a solution. In general, the way Blockchain can be implemented in your workflow can rely on:

  • Business processes that are reliant on trust-based decisions

If applicable, Blockchain can improve on trust-based decisions by being an automated solution which is fully transparent at the same time.

  • Collaborative efforts including the same data

In this case, Blockchain technology can overview the interaction and each individual action by being an immutable record that contains every action taken by participants.

  • Identify the crucial data to your business which might be subject to third-party audits

Blockchain technology is currently not the best solution for large files but information that are comprised of personal data, results from scientific research or financial data can be stored with highest security standards and access can be delegated to a third-party without compromising their security.

  • Needs for confirmation of data validity and integrity by an intermediary

If your operations and workflow requires a mediator to confirm that the data itself are valid, Blockchain technology offers automation of the process and can result in cost-saving

This will supply us with the necessary data to determine what technologies are most suitable for your business as well as how it creates value for you, stakeholders or customers.

It will enable us to give you feedback on:

  • The problems that it will solve and the customers that will find this helpful, regardless of whether it’s a commercial or an internal solution
  • The Blockchain platform that is most suitable for the task at hand. We’re well versed in Etherium based solutions but for different use cases we can create a proprietary platform from scratch. In case your solution requires features that the Blockchain itself doesn’t provide, we can resort to using Smart Contracts or dApps which offer extended functionality while being deployed on the underlying technology.
  • Your Blockchain technology type –public, consortium or private
  • Defining success metrics. Although the success is usually obvious at the phase when your solution goes live, success metrics can help in decision making during the process

Our Blockchain design team will proceed to create your Proof of Concept (PoC). It includes using the data gathered through research and the realistic technological solution, including documentation. The documentation will be both visual and technical and will serve as a starting point for the development stages to follow. All of the research will be sublimated to create a long-term feasibility of all of the features and further developments along with an estimate timeline.


After concluding how the theory relates to the feasible possibilities, we proceed to creating a working prototype. The main aim at this stage is to deliver all of the components that are predefined in your PoC for internal testing. Furthermore, by having a working prototype for you or your staff to test will provide valuable insight by identifying features, changes to be made or future developments in the next phase. What needs to be done in this phase mostly depends on whether you’re creating an internal solution or a commercial one. Some of the features to be developed at this point are:

  • Documentation on the architecture
  • Basic technology development (coding)
  • Sketches, mockups and design
  • Test version of the product

You and your team will provide us with feedback in our next meetings. We use a collaborative effort to ensure you understand what can be improved upon, the amount of work it implies. As the next stage will be a product that can be presented to a wider audience – either your user base, customers or stakeholders we would like to make sure that everything is plausible and minimize potential issues.


Our team at PLAAK strives to deliver over expectations. Our commitment to the client’s success becomes obvious at this stage, as the solution is being exposed to the appointed users. The MVP phase is when all the components of the prototype and the improvements come together.

The Blockchain MVP for commercial use will promote your product and we aim to deliver it in a way that your users will already appreciate. Customer and user satisfaction can attribute to grow a community and ensure that your decision making has been sound up to this point. Our team can help in deploying the solution in a most cost effective manner. The MVP will give extensive feedback from the users and you can analyze which features are widely adopted by them.

The strategy to finalizing the product can be devised from the feedback and analytics.

Full Product and long-term strategy

In Blockchain, making sure you keep your users up to date and setting realistic goals is of high importance. Finalizing your product in accordance to your documentation and deadlines is taken very seriously at PLAAK, and rest assured that we will work round the clock to deliver.

Another commonplace scenario among Blockchain products and applications is applying a visionary approach. The more features that you can include in the solution, the more value are added to your end product. We build solutions with flexibility in mind. As technological advancements are made and the benefits from your solution grow, companies usually look to expand its functionality or optimize it according to their needs and client demands.

We offer support as you deploy your final product and can aid you in scalability and further improvements. Depending on the flexibility on the underlying technology, your roadmap should use the potential of the project to the fullest extent. We’re highly committed to establishing long-lasting relationships with clients and contributing to their success.

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