The PLAAK developers along with the managerial and design team have delivered hybrid novelty projects that have made us a hallmark in technology.

The managerial team which works closely with all of the departments has upgraded PLAAK by employing top talent with a diverse skillset, enabling us to keep up with market demands across various industries.

Who and how PLAAK can benefit from PLAAK Software Development Services

Many companies are exerting their personal and rely on manual labor due to lack in automatizing of their work process. This could be a result of their perception that software solutions would have a negative impact on their budget or being stuck with software that doesn’t address all operations that can be solved by technology. Larger scale operations or software vendors that have technology staff on premises but as their operations scale up, professionals with a proven track record are hard to find and it takes time for them to fully understand your applications and architecture.

This is understandable as all company owners, entrepreneurs and C.E.O.’s aren’t up to date with I.T. However, in the first scenario, the negative impact on budget and profits stems from being unable to distribute your human resources and expand operations which don’t fall into the domain of technology.

The second case can have an adverse effect on productivity, profits and security, as you might have to resort to outdated underlying platforms which compromise safety and come at a higher cost, along with a disaster scenario of critical data loss. For companies where technology professionals can’t keep up with tasks, we can offer a dedicated contributor and help in improving your workflow.

If there’s a possibility that you’re facing any of these issues, our advice would be to turn to software development professionals as soon as possible. As long as you address these issues in a timely manner, your present solution can be upgraded and not be subject to a complete overhaul.

Whether updating your current software and infrastructure or developing a tailor-made solution, the team at PLAAK has most use case scenarios and platforms covered. By building fully customized, cross-platform compliant products, our experienced and enthusiastic development team has leveled up and determined which tools work best for a specific project.

Without further ado, we’d like to present our abilities, the approach we use in software development, complimentary and accompanying services.

Scope of Work

Our ambitious endeavors have made it a necessity to approach software development by continuously enhancing our skillset. The dynamic development team at PLAAK uses industry standard procedures but our range of services extends beyond standard software development companies.

To ensure we meet client demands, we use technologies that are proprietary to all of the widely used platforms. We can apply all of the functionalities of backend and frontend development in any of the following programming languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, Node.js and PHP.

As an innovative software development company, we make full use of state-of-the-art-coding, workflow and documentation tools which improve our service by giving our clients a full account and description of the product that is delivered. Our developers use Swagger for coding, frameworks and documentation which helps us maintain our productivity level, maintains high compatibilityand gives you a full overview of your software.

When it comes to software solutions, no task is too small and any level of complexity can be met. We offer software solutions including:

  • Accounting Software development
  • Restful API Development
  • Custom CRM development and/or adding features
  • ERP solutions development
  • Custom SaaS development and/or extending functionality

Apart from standard software, we also address company specific needs which will be elaborated along our workflow and approach.

Software Development plays a large part in the PLAAK scope of services. The fact that our team has deployment experts for data centers and the three main cloud providers will come in handy to make sure your solution is cost-effective when it comes to upkeep costs.

We consider our design and test team as added value. They’re dedicated to provide user friendly interfaces and UI/UX services and combined with our QA team comprise a full-fledged product with client satisfaction as a priority.

Our Approach

A customer oriented approach where research and development coupled with our managerial staff has proven to give the best ROI. Through understanding how your needs and possible solutions will reflect on your budget, we can assist you in prioritizing software features and devising a long-term strategy.

Our approach extends beyond standard Software Development and includes:

Research and Analysis

  • Market research and gaining a competitive edge
  • Assessing optimal product features in accordance to budgeting
  • Finding technological means for business model improvements
  • Research-based tech stack and deployment platforms
  • Security and scalability
  • Defining future goals and timelines

Development and Testing

Even the most experienced developers perform best when they’re collaborating with the client and professional QA engineers. We follow up on every project to analyze the success metrics and respond to customer needs for both customer satisfaction and improvements of the quality of our service

Communication with our clients is a priority. Through a systematic approach, we devise a strategy for phases in the project for increased productivity along with sprints and detailed reports that will be delivered to our client. As progress is made in the project, we can clearly define deadlines and prioritize tasks. Our collaboration tools can be used along with adding roles and privileges to your technical staff.

The following process will integrate features using best practices in Software Development:

  • An all-encompassing and agile back-end
  • Industry leading data security
  • Sysadmin andDevOps integration frameworks
  • Automated QA testing
  • Manual testing between clients and the development team

Accompanying Services

Upon request, we offer 24/7 dedicated support for both short-term and long-term collaborative efforts. We also provide Cloud Infrastructure Deployment on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and MS Azure. We highly suggest choosing our accompanying services to clients that have the slightest doubt, especially in business-critical operations. Our team can ensure highly secure, cost-effective deployments on all of the aforementioned platforms, in accordance with the software core.

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