Blockchain technology breathes new life into I.T. and I.o.T. companies and professionals with its immense potential to overhaul the entire economy and its underlying industries. Many have sought it as a career choice but in a field that is ever expanding, becoming an expert requires navigation through a vast amount of information, making guidance a must.At PLAAK we have the necessary expertise and the enthusiasm required to enable others and equip them with the right skillset.

The internet is chock full of information about new developments, advances in Blockchain, news and data in general. However, with so many resources choosing the true sources and getting your facts straight is difficult. We have been successful in completion of projects and the learning process we went through has given us the grasp of Blockchain technology to enhance your learning curve.

We are at the disposal for anyone who seeks consultation and training to:

  • Dive deep and understand core and extended Blockchain architecture and functionality
  • Learn and implement state-of-the art Blockchain products and services

Why turn to PLAAK for consulting?

At PLAAK, we build and assess both Blockchain and Virtual Currency based products and web services. As a rare breed among Blockchain technology companies, we have a team that creates and deploys every facet of product development and completion. We’ve also successfully implemented innovation, resulting in gratification of both entrepreneurs and their client base. This might be the beginning of our journey so we make sure we’re up to speed with emerging markets and progress in the field.

According to our overview of Blockchain technology, we are at the opinion that our opportunity for further growth relies on more success stories and worldwide adoption of the aforementioned. That is the reason behind our desire to share our knowledge, give long-term aid and insights on technology and operations related matters. Our Blockchain Technology Consulting Service consists of:

Resource Optimization

Our teams’ function in multiple disciplinesand enable you to see the bigger picture. You can rest assured that we will provide sophisticated analytics and consultation support. As many Blockchain endeavors don’t need an all-encompassing team on premises, we can deliver both training and assistance in acquiring leading talent and experts in the field based on our enterprise experience.

Blockchain technology is heavily reliant on both human and infrastructure resources. A projects success depends on the optimal combination of both. The services we offer are based on the experience of deploying and bringing our project to life as well as successful customer interaction. This service in particular is comprised:

  • Optimization of crypto mining centers, data center and cloud deployments
  • Frameworks for financial trading
  • User friendly, interactive UI/UX with extensive functionalities

Real-time consultation

We provide advice on the strategic implementation of Blockchain technology backed by a thorough analysis of your company's profile. On demand, we can accompany our advisory services with simultaneous development support - data analytics and consultation wise. We will evaluate the capability of the latest in existing Blockchain technology that can be used in optimizing your business.

Training modules

As part of our mission to spread the word about the advancements that Blockchain technology brings frth, we provide training and teaching seminars, workshops, talks, as well as constructive feedback.In addition, we can devise informational materials about blockchain technology and applications that are relevant to your specific needs. Leaving no room for chance, we can provide enough knowledge about the intricate Blockchain ecosystem and all its constituents, along with industry sectors that it’s applicable to.

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