Companies and organizations alike, using basic online functionality such as websites or web applications realized they have to offload their critical on-premise services for better availability and security. The main motif for using hosting solutions for smaller endeavors or ones using less online services has been connectivity with hardware upkeep coming in second place while larger online operations had opted for leasing space in data-centers.As both solutions have proven to be costly in terms of the service itself or hardware installation and maintenance, three Cloud service providers have emerged delivering an industry standard Cloud solution, suitable for the needs of most, if not all companies and corporations.

What we provide as a service

Our team is comprised of Cloud Architecture professionals in all major cloud platforms, namely Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The reason being is we understand that software and solutions that companies use differs in compatibility and effectiveness from one cloud provider to another. That allows us to deliver services that are:

  • Cost effective
  • Compliant and compatible
  • Easy to use, keeping maintenance in mind

Cloud Security

If you’ve opted out for using Cloud services for cost-cutting, you don’t need to sacrifice security in the process. Cloud providers strive to make migrating or new deployments user friendly so companies can make use of talented I.o.T. professionals with little to no experience but only a veteran Cloud Architecture sysadmin will make sure that all security measures are upheld.

We can vouch for our Cloud Architecture team’s expertise in configuring security services for deployment of SaaS applications that are proprietary to cloud platforms, popular software solutions and custom applications. In regards to that, our Cloud Security service offers both peace of mind and warrants for the use of best practice by offering:

  • Cloud Architecture secure deployments
  • Modeling of cloud deployments for best practice
  • Security improvements through threat assesments

Secure Development Life-Cycle

Migrating to the cloud usually entails both development and production environments of your application or all resources for developers. Whether you’re focused on delivering a service or have a development team, the secure integration of teams involved in planning, defining, designing, building, testing, and deployment can become an issue in itself, which holds true especially to cloud-based development.

The software development process requires for a high level of synchronicity, communication and effectiveness between all members involved. In a cloud environment that is an issue in itself.We have reached and surpassed industry standards in the field through the issues that we have encountered through our extensive background in cloud software development as well as complimentary research.

That is why we offer consulting services which will help in improving your development life-cycle in all areas of concern. When a team is lagging while working on a project, it reflects on all departments involved. We bring our expertise to the table and help out in organizing your team, providing insight and identifying areas that can be improved upon. Having all that in mind, we offer two services related to security of development life-cycle and improvements of the life-cycle itself.

  • Application Security Architects, as on-demand consulting experts
  • SDLC training courses, tailor made for your specific needs

We would like to add that our training courses come at comparable pricing but offer a service that will benefit your developers or DBA’s by delivering insights that are customized to your use case rather than generic instructions.

Auditing and Permissions

When company or corporate network is based on Cloud services, team member access delegation and distribution is a demanding and heavy workload process. In a globalized world, team members are added to collaborative projects in a fast paced environment and usually there is no predefined template and changes have to be made on the go. We offer consulting services for auditing and permissions that can save a lot of hassle for project and team managers by providing guidelines and user access, permissions and restrictions by working closely with management and heads of departments.

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