Cyber-Security as a Service

Companies that involve I.T. and I.o.T. device implementation include those that use I.T. as a service or ones that are both users and providers. Current developments in the sector have expanded the responsibilities of the role of a system administrator and the field has seen fast paced progress, embracing new opportunities.Both tech-savvy entrepreneurs and employees have identified the need to outsource security as a means to keep it a priority.

At PLAAK, our team is committed to delivering security as a service and we’ve embraced both models of I.T. implementation, recognizing their application-specific requirements. Our security services cover both private and public resources of companies and entrepreneurs.

Security assessment is in high demand, and we’d like to emphasize the reasons behind it:

  • Legal implications from personal information theft
  • The impact on the credibility of a company
  • Financial loss as information is an asset for marketing
  • E-Commerce platforms with user financial data
  • Finance and Fin-tech companies subject to a rise in exploits

Our approach

PLAAK provides a full scope of Cyber-Security services and our approach is interactive, where we can both provide and assist in picking a suitable option for each of our clients. In relation, our services are generally divided according to the most widespread use-cases. Prevention is always the best measure which we highly recommend for all I.o.T. connected services.

Web Application Security

In what is perhaps the most widespread scenario at the time being, web applications are used by companies for both internal and external communication as well as E-Commerce. The data contained are of sensitive nature because they either consist of company operations, personal or financial data. Another point of notice is that when a web application is compromised, your domain could be blacklisted which would halt your activity until the vulnerability is eliminated and the time it takes to remove it from the blacklist itself.

Whenever a web application is being used the point where the network reaches the internet is a potential subject to attack and it’s safe to say in this case those scenarios are the most likely.

Our services in regards to web applications are risk-assessments from real world scenarios. We provide both:

  • Manual penetration testing (using extensive script resources and evaluating code vulnerabilities)
  • Automated testing (brute force attacks which ensure for adequate security policies)

By using our web application security service, you and your user base can rest assure that all policies are in check and you have full control over your database and web server. PLAAK is a company which adheres to high standards and our security service will bring added value to every web application.

Mobile Applications Security

We perform security checks on both Android and IOS, with them being mobile platforms with the highest user base. Exploits of mobile apps are on the rise. While companies are aware of the necessity of security assessments, some developers that have made use of the opportunity to create and manage their web apps have already been subject to attacks.

In both cases, the owner of an application is subject to either legal claims or financial loss in case of a breach as the app may be taken off the market. To make sure that hard work and investments pay off, all mobile apps that have gained wide usage as well as innovative apps with potential need to make use of cyber-security.

Our mobile application cyber-security service is a thorough investigation, penetration and stress testing of both:

  • Mobile application code
  • Underlying infrastructure

We would point out that even a slight chance where a third-party could use your mobile application for illegal activity would result with your app being banned. That can include making any resource that is subject to copyright public which is why our service makes sure that mobile applications adhere to all standards and regulations.

While even an individual might succeed in gaining a large user base in his application, one needs to keep in mind that a complete assessment of security procedures must be applied for sustained success.

Corporate Network Security

In the corporate world, Cyber-Security has been and continues to be a major issue. As a company expands and incorporates, it spreads its activity across locations and its expansion imposes the need to collaborate with contractors and create subsidiaries. The I.T. infrastructure expands at a rapid pace, sometimes at the price of cyber-security.

Financial growth in a data-driven world requires either expanding internal resources or cloud migration. The data that is contained within a corporate network can be of sensitive nature due to:

  • Technology secrets
  • Personal information

In any case, most corporations can’t keep up with security standards within their network, as it includes third-parties. At PLAAK, we have a very detailed approach to corporate cyber-security. Our methodology consists of:

  • Vulnerability identification (security standards of end-users and server infrastructure)
  • Penetration test assessments (network infrastructure and end-points)

Choosing to work with PLAAK will keep the entire organization in flux and maintain all safety parameters. This protects a corporation from legal actions and is essential to keeping a company reputable, regardless of its involvement in online activities.

Red Team Assessments

Where large scale operations and I.o.T. meet, the chance of an attempt to compromise security is at the highest level possible. We realize the need for a deep evaluation of every resource which is why PLAAK offers Red Team assessments to mitigate any and all risks involved in both infrastructure and user base.

In specific organizations, the possibility of human error or even misuse of company resources can have a devastating impact on the organization itself. Therefore, all options must be eliminated by ensuring both external and internal high-level security. This ranges from infrastructure, external WAN communication, interconnectivity and user privileges.

When user privileges are in question, an organization needs assistance in setting standards to identify who and where can access confidential information. Externally, the network needs to be stress tested for both a full blown attack and data being compromised by a silent listener.

The Red Team service entails:

  • Escalation of privileges (gaining low-level or root access)
  • Phishing campaigns (unnoticed data-theft)
  • Perimeter breach (network end-points)
  • Internal network privileges (escalation of privileges and access to sensitive data)

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