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In spite of Blockchain’s presence as a technology for around a decade, there are multiple discrepancies in the context of legal regulation. The technology itself has found global acceptance and some of the earlier projects; especially ones that were aimed at anonymous transactions are still operating in grey areas as countries are unable to monitor them.

Some countries in particular that have more mature information technology monitoring systems have actually used aforementioned solutions to identify criminal activities. Part of the progress of Blockchain technology is taking legal matters more seriously as most emerging Blockchain-related projects and solution providers have offered applicative uses in real world scenarios.

While some solutions based on Blockchain technology are aimed at a local user base, most aim at wider adoption. Both cases benefit from planning legal issues that could arise and implement strategies to resolve them as early as possible. The second case is more complex because of the involvement of cross-country legal regulations but our professional team legal and technical team can offer:

  • Guidance and consulting in developmental stages for best practice
  • Technology-related advisory and solutions
  • Technical workarounds for cross-country compliance

PLAAK has made no compromises when it comes to regulatory compliance and implementation of mechanisms for resolving issues. We have acquired invaluable background in the legal challenges that Blockchain technology poses which will allow your Blockchain project to be free from undesirable legal conflict that might arise.

Guidance and consulting

The PLAAK project is trend-setting when it comes to legal compliance. Setting standards which make our project stand out among Blockchain companies required collaboration between Blockchain, legal and the development team. By developing our proprietary approach to KYC and integrating biometric identification, our platform has gained integrity and security, gained the trust of users and streamlined user registration without compromising safety.

Through the process, our legal experts have acquired expertise in all areas related to the technology which separates them from the crowd when it comes to getting the most out of current regulations and ensuring your project is structurally sound.

The Blockchain advisors are a viable component of legal guidance and counseling that help getting the point across about the most intricate details of Blockchain technology to a wide audience, ranging from company owners to the end users. They are the personal that informs the legal team and advises tech developers on latest solutions available for Blockchain integration with solutions across industries.

Technology-related advisory and solutions

The ongoing progress of Blockchain technology has expanded on its usability. Every new project needs to aim at getting experts who are in tune with innovation in the field and have a comprehensive knowledge of application design. One of the widely adopted emerging opportunities is Smart Contracts and dApps.

Our development team has the legal aspects in mind when it comes to creating a product that will be successful out of the box. We take all possible outcomes when it comes to designing your project. We stay up to date with all settings in Blockchain technology which results in the highest level of professionalism.

Being unaware of potential mishaps, putting your trust in development companies and freelancersthat don’t adhere to the highest standards can inadvertently hurt your profit, integrity and reputation. In the world of I.o.T. and Blockchain, you might only get one chance for success.

The ways that we can help you in terms of legal compliance are through a well-rounded approach in development by correctly predefining all parameters of your Smart Contracts and dApps.

Technical workarounds for cross-country compliance

There are situations where Blockchain technology, being an immutable ledger can pose an issue with legal implications. At PLAAK, we don’t think in terms of limitations, but ways to overcome them. This applies, but is not limited to storing personal or confidential information in international use cases. While Blockchain technology can be the right solution, it might not provide all of the tools for enterprise undertakings.

Our team consists of a diversified array of professionals in the area of I.T. and I.o.T. development which allows for offloading data by integrating it with applications that aren’t proprietary to Blockchain. By offering a full range of tech related services, we can help overcome legal limitations and implement top of the range services along with Blockchain technology.

We can leverage Blockchain applications and distribute data according to all cross-country regulations, making sure that you’re getting the best and latest of I.T. related solutions.

As a point of notice, PLAAK is an international endeavor and we have confronted all barriers and met legal requirements which bring the best out of our team effort. Our journey has provided invaluable experience and you can rest assured your project is in safe hands.

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