Public Relations Management

P.R. management has played a big role for PLAAK, as a late bloomer to reach its stature in a highly competitive industry. The path to establish PLAAK’s integrity required a strategic approach to overcome obstacles and leave headroom for sustainable growth. It involved good, research based timing and a keen eye for detail for earning the attention that our products deserved.

Our approach to Public Relations as a service is aimed to provide :

  • Concepts and goals in accordance with your human resources
  • Coordination of directives related to market demands
  • Prompt and strategic public and internal communication

The general objectives are formed by distributing resources accordingly to all components involved in the process.

Media and public communication operations

We mediate and advise how and what should be disclosed to the general public to establish a trust-based relationship with your clients. Our Public Relations team is highly dedicated to reaching out to your loyal customers and looking for new possibilities to improve your position in the market. We deliver the social communication and media opinions along with strategic advice for further engagement to the appointed team members.

Management of critical incidents

In case company operations related to the public have been compromised, we provide codes of conduct for dealing with critical moments. The guidelines involve informing employees, the press, government entities and the general public. As a result, consequences can be reduced to a minimum and the integrity of your brand will remain in high regards.

Problem solving

By continuous supervision of operations, we help in timely recognition of major issues, persistent problems and systematically addressing them for a permanent solution. Finding a common ground between company policies and public realities through analysis helps us resolve the key obstacles in reaching your goals.

Public Mediation

We use all available tools and conduct manual research to determine target audiences which you should focus your attention on. Our service will create interaction and engagement that will bring back and forth communication for a prosperous relationship to aid both your company and clients.

Social Brand Interaction

Having more than your clients opinions in mind is a business-savvy strategy that prestige companies must adhere to. When your image is on the line, we help devise plans which not only contribute to your brand reputation but are indisputably constructive to issues concerning the society involved.

Using creativity to represent your brand in an ethical, socially responsible way can help in promoting your company and raising awareness on issues your management and employees care about. Employees will glad to identify with your brand and work performance will be improved along with being a patron of practical projects.

Development Mechanisms

As a Public Relations Management consultant, we handle the responsibility of human and financial resources allocation and organization to help you set objectives that are realistic and result in highest productivity. We help in outlining future activities according to your budget, future recruitment of PR staff and setting directives for the aforementioned.

Preventive Measures

Where there is room for human error, despite the efforts of a company there’s a chance of undesired fallout. We employ systematic action to prevent escalation of issues to the highest possible degree. This can be achieved by timely assessment of potential problems and suggesting what can be done to avoid substantial damages.

Strategic Management

Our know-how in the area of Public Relations includes an in-depth understanding on what the customer base and the general public consider best for the company and the community. As the basis of progress of a company, we assist in your company to develop in a safe environment by instructing the managerial team on what is expected and how to accomplish it without sacrificing yield and production.

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