Technological advancements have created opportunities for SMB’s to promote their products and services with a smaller budget. Many have seized the opportunity and their success was largely dependent on their approach.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and try to do everything yourself. Currently, you’d be going against heavy competition and without the right toolset, know-how and business scalability you could end up spending with no returns on investment. There are many cases where business owners have failed and given up on the opportunity.

As technology and media experts, we rely heavily on advertising and our success story serves as a starting point for our service. Online advertising is a complex venture but with the proper tools and training, your company can steadily grow and re-invest based on a common sense model.

The Advertisement Support Services we provide are in accordance to your needs, but in general the components can be divided into:

  • Advertising resourcesandTraining
  • Optimizing advertising campaigns
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Selling related products or services
  • Strategies for selling bundled products and services
  • Retaining old customers
  • Addressing customer needs and establishing a loyal customer base

Advertising resourcesand Training

All companies can benefit from adequate advertising. In other words, each company has to be supplied with a different toolset. The toolset can contain:

  • Advertising automation applications
  • Marketing materials

When advertising campaigns are implemented, you will need to have a serious approach from the very start. Metrics and analytics require dedicated professionals or using a software solution for easier management. It’s better to take the advice of seasoned experts than to find this out the hard way. No matter where you’d refer to, any professional advertising consultant will confirm this.

As a fully-fledged development and design we can provide advertising tools and materials. We rank high among design companies while the fact we’re also involved in development and marketing can save time and money as we’ll take a coordinated approach to your advertising campaigns.

We have dwelled deep into marketing and understand the broadest range of audiences. Our Strategic Marketing Communications service is deeply intertwined with the advertising services. By using this approach, we can develop a marketing strategy bound for success.

The online advertising business is similar to the classic one when it comes to advertising materials. The more appealing and consistent your advertising materials are the better results you get. By combining analytics, we can distribute them on adequate marketing communication channels. Different channels require different content and we are specialist in matching both.

If you’ve put in the effort to be able to deliver on demand along with a good advertising campaign, your company operations will grow and enable you to acquire advertising personal or dedicate existing employees to advertising. We can help in finding people with the skillset needed for in-house advertising efforts or offer training services. It’s highly probable that at first, you’ll need to work with advertising experts to ensure the continuous quality of your advertising.

Optimizing advertising campaigns

The advertising materials you’ll use, coupled with your content have to be in line with the media through which they’re distributed. When it comes to your message, some media outlets only allow for a brief introduction of your services and product. Both visual and text need to be designed with optimal results in mind.

The content and graphics you use need to reach your target audience which might be using different devices to access it. Our expert team at PLAAK can provide guidelines and optimize your content. Your website – another service that PLAAK delivers needs to speak to your audience as well as search engines. With our SEO service, you’ll be able to improve your advertising as search engines will gradually improve your rating based on overall visits and the content you provide.

Acquiring new customers

In the world of online advertising, you only get one chance to win a customer over. That is the general notion but you also pay for that chance. The initial budget and means to get to know your customer and introduce your product has to be adequate to gather invaluable information.

Many companies try to do their own research, but without stunning presentation and user interaction, the results won’t amount to nothing. They won’t enable your company to grow neither horizontally, nor vertically.

By using our service and being familiar with your product or service, we will devise a plan on how and where to present them. As design experts, rest assured that you’ll gain the interest of the general public. Our tech team will analyze your advertising results and suggest a strategy that will reap the most benefits, depending on the scale of your company, its human and financial resources andgoals.

Selling related products or services

The easiest way to gain more profit, after you’ve gained the attention of your customer is to scale vertically. By diversifying your products and services, your advertising becomes more efficient and with the current market trends in mind is a choice of many.

As your Advertising Support team, we can improve the way you scale your business through analytics from the campaigns you’ve used, and re-use the presentation resources that we’ve created as long as the campaign has been a success.

There are many ways that technology can help in getting to know what your users want or what they would buy, if it’s available on the market. We can use our know-how to bring your products or services to a wider audience by augmenting your advertising campaign or suggesting platforms with broader distribution.

The team at PLAAK will contribute to your advertising campaigns by augmenting them to consolidate campaigns for the accompanying products and services you can deliver.

Strategies for selling bundled products and services

With successful advertising strategies applied, the job for greater returns is half way there. Having a strategy for getting your customer to go for your accompanying products or services is a necessary option at this time.

Using the analytical results and advertising material results in a higher chance of customers and clients to continuously go for your brand. All of your products and services might be high-quality but the goal of advertising is for them to go for the right ones. Ensuring for customer satisfaction works on a deeper and an ethical level.

Retaining old customers

It’s easier to find out why someone has stopped interacting with your company than to acquire a new customer. In the case of lack of continuity in the advertising process or creating bland advertising campaigns, the issue might lie in the advertising strategy that you’ve used, or lack thereof.

By taking the time to assess the issue, the client or customer take that they’ve benefitted from it in the past, but it has skipped their mind. This strategy is built for the long run, as the issue is usually a reoccurring one.

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