A growing trend among successful entrepreneurs is expanding their venture to the global marketplace. It’s not unusual for ones that have the ambition and funding tobe out of touch with what it takes for them to manage their marketing investments wisely.

By shortchanging their marketing approach, money is squandered in the long run. This doesn’t imply that costs of marketing have to pose a burden – sometimes a company just has to put their trust in professionals. Again, in the current global market this is true for both SMB’s and corporations.

Marketing communications essentially consist of your product, the customers and the medium or platform through which the connection is established. While building brand awareness is something that can be paid for, it doesn’t mean that anyone will buy your product. The way PLAAK approaches Marketing Communications is tailored to company needs, and designed with being profitable in mind.

Research and analytics

The first step is getting to know your product and customer base. There can be some obvious improvements to be made for companies with a specific target market which we can deliver based on our experience.

If you’re starting your venture, we create an initial strategy to get to know your clients. In this case, an initial budget with research in mind is a must. For a company that already has a customer base we analyze your performance in comparison to competition and look for areas that your product can outperform it.

This phase includes identifying your client base and media where the two meet. Different age and media – both digital andclassic preference according to your product will be targeted along with the appropriate tone. As this is an ongoing process, once we find the best approach we can either provide it for you or serve as advisors to your marketing team.

Creating a foolproof Unique Selling Proposition

Based on a clear understanding of your product and research results, we will come up with a sales pitch that will describe how your product is the perfect fit for the appropriate audience. This is known as a unique selling proposition and having a professional approach to creating it will mean sales for new companies and more profit for established ones. It implies less marketing costs and clear directives for further activities.

Improving Brand Presentation

One of the strongest points of PLAAK is design and professional marketing. Each client is treated with honesty and the services we provide will be adequate to your customers. This involves having the right look and feel that will represent your product according to what it delivers.

A product can’t be successful if it’s reasonably priced and represented as top of the range. In turn, products that are a good return on value can sell if the brand presentation, selling proposition and communication channels have a quality marketing team behind them.

One of the components of presenting your brand is coming up with a good story. It should reflect your values, your journey as a company and speak to your clients. The way your marketing communication is conducted in the future should be in accordance to your previous statement. The best results are obtained when it’s done in as a collaborative effort between a good marketing team, your company and research.

Using the right Brand tone

Your brands tone should serve as a follow up to your story. We help by making sure your communications remain consistent and you use the right tone in all media outlets. In the present, every media requires a specific approach.

The more concise your message is, the better. Having that in mind, content marketing plays a large role. There are two ways to approach this depending on your brand – organic content and SEO. We provide guidance and professional services in both areas.

Applying your Marketing Communication

When all of the above is met, we will present your options to address the public along with advice on budgeting. The need for a good Marketing Communication consultancy will become obvious at this point, as the ways to address your audience are constantly increasing.

By applying research based on demographics and patterns your customers follow, we can assist in both devising a budget that will yield benefits and explain why and how this will be executed. For smaller companies, we can find a suitable assistant that can take the load off your shoulders. Bigger companies can opt for our consultants to train or help in employment of a marketing professional that will be the right fit for your brand.

Marketing Communication Metrics

Once you’ve decided on the means you use to communicate with your client base, the success rate and performance should be measured. This can be used to determine what works and what doesn’t for further investments of both financial and human resources. There are multiple tools in which we can aid to measure your success or find patterns to automate the marketing process.

Our Strategic Marketing Communication team will visually present the ROI for all the media you’ve used to interact with clients. This will ensure that your investment was used transparently and that you and your employees can understand the process.

Lead and data management

Strategic Marketing Communications cover sales and leads. Those datasets are useful for both marketing and keeping up with market demands. Your production and supply can keep up with demands, investing in marketing and keeping the customer base that you’ve reached.

Our development team can provide an adequate CRM solution that is scalable and streamlines your process of supply and demand.

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