A substantial source of progress for Blockchain technology has been the commonplace practice of collaboration across the community. While the potential is doubtless, there is a need for widespread usage for the time being. One of the proprietary PLAAK solutions that strive to bring that momentum to Blockchain technology is the PLAAK Exchange application.

Bringing bona fide value for Tokens and Coins

The PLAAK team is available for cooperation with all Blockchain entrepreneurs and we believe a common ground can be established with all participants in the community. We have an open policy for parties that want to participate in our Exchange and had begun networking with compliant cryptocurrency and token issuers.

Our vision for the PLAAK Exchange application and our collaborative efforts would empower those who decide to list their coins and tokens by:

  • Gaining access to an international cryptocurrency driven economy
  • Our community and user base with a keen interest for Blockchain technology
  • A network of business and tech savvy investors

The PLAAK Exchange is a part of our ambitious project to apply Blockchain technology in real world scenarios. It is the point where our Freelance, Business, Healthcare and E-Commerce platforms conjure. While the other applications are aimed at creating an environment for cost-effective solutions to the global issues of today, they’re also what bring transactions to the PLAAK Exchange.

We have come to the conclusion that legal issues can be a limiting factor for cryptocurrency assets. While they have been addressed to a wide extent in our country of origin, we aim to break barriers by offering a wide range of services where Blockchain technology can reach its full potential.

Every virtualized asset that is legally compliant in their respective area of jurisdiction can be tradable for another through the Exchange and bring new opportunities to coin and token issuers. In turn, this builds value for everyone that lists their coins or tokens on the Exchange itself through:

  • Creating a larger demand for the issuer and increasing volume
  • More transactions will create growth in value for all coins and tokens

PLAAK Exchange summary

The PLAAK Exchange is decentralized which according to the general consensus and the concept of Blockchain technology is an advantage in itself, due to increased privacy.It comes in the form of an application for the MS Windows platform, Android and IOS devices. It’s deployed on the Amazon AWS Cloud with security, response time, availability and scalability in mind.

To ensure that the Exchange as a whole and all participants’ assets are safe, it is fully KYC compliant. As a preventive measure from illegal activity, this provides uninterruptable functionality of the Exchange.

The option to withdraw in fiat currency is what sets it apart from other decentralized exchanges.

Fees associated with transactions are much lower than centralized exchanges where fees are at an average of 3%, while the PLAAK exchange stands at a meager 0.05% in comparison.

Other features are at industry standards, and include:

  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • 24/7 Tech Support Chat
  • Limit Orders – enabling users to set their buy or sell price
  • Order Book Display
  • Personal Trade History
  • Volume Charts

PLAAK Exchange Developing Features

PLAAK aims to upgrade global standards by using state of the art technology and integrating it into its products, notwithstanding the Exchange. To further enhance the security and functionality of the Exchange which we consider a work in progress, we plan to introduce:

  • Biometric identification, enhancing both security and accessibility
  • PLAAK Phaeton dPOS Blockchain with scalable blocksize & tps

In addition, PLAAK is working on its proprietary debit card to integrate compatibility with standard payment systems.

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