When you decide to start your Blockchain venture, the initial phase can be a decisive factor on futureprosperity. Both Token Development and the ICO need to be prepared picture perfect for a project to be taken seriously and gain integrity in future developments of the solution you offer.

This is one of the most challenging tasks for both teams and individuals, as your operating funds and reputation depend on how well your ICO has passed. It is a test where your funding is at stake and no project can be successful without an adequate investment.

What PLAAK brings to the picture

The outlook isn’t bland, as PLAAK offers a comprehensive ICO & Token Development service that has passed with flying colors. We would like to present the five steps to success of partnering up with PLAAK and using our ICO & Token Development Services:

1. PLAAK has an experienced and cohesive Blockchain development team

At the ICO launch time, your Tokens become virtual currency. Within the framework of Blockchain technology, they are a part of an asset ecosystem that is comparable to any real world financial system. Because the Blockchain has a different structure and is decentralized, the issuers of assets in most cases have to ensure they bring value to their clients in an ICO that is greater than the investment and the assets distribution process is secure. This relies primarily on:

  • An impenetrable and adequately defined Token code
  • Comprehensive approach to an ICO

Considering the expanding use cases for Blockchain technology, the first issue you may run into is gathering a team that has experience in working with Smart Contracts and ICO consulting. Rest assured that our global team is highly coordinated and efficient. By having a correct approach to ICO & Token Development, the chance of failure during the process is eliminated.

Investors will thoroughly examine the underlying technology of your project, and in an industry where code is law we uphold to the highest standards when it comes to development.

We also offer ICO Security Services as a separate complementary component of an ICO which will ensure that all of your investors funds will not only be safe but can also attract bigger investments from Blockchain savvy entrepreneurs.

2. PLAAK contributes to the integrity of your project

Being a Blockchain technology backed company that is already established on the market, our reputation is on the line when working with a client. Our background allows us to be confident in offering ICO & Token Development services and we soundly believe we bring more value to clients than the competition.

3. PLAAK provides a safe environment for your ICO

Aside from developer services, our company is founded within a legal framework where your project can be launched with all regulatory compliance. There are use cases where a Blockchain project can be applied to real world assets. For projects with higher legal complexity, we also provide Legal Assistance as a separate service.

4. We ensure both compatibility and return of value on assets

We are aware that to gain the full investment potential, an ICO issuer might require payment from all cryptocurrencies that are applicable to the Smart Contract and our developers can meet your demands. Derived from our experience, in a fluctuating and unstable cryptocurrency market, a client with predefined terms might lose value during a change in value.

PLAAK employs a proprietary risk mitigation strategy which will provide value both for the ICO issuer and the investors where both parties will be satisfied with the outcome.

5. PLAAK offers a full range of accompanying Blockchain services

This can be a big bonus for everyone that is serious about a Blockchain endeavor, as the need for requesting services from different providers can be time-consuming when it comes to bring teams up to speed. All of our staff members are synchronized and can deliver a high quality service for all segments of project development.

We also offer solutions for projects compatible with our ecosystem and have a deep understanding of all potential applicative Blockchain technology use cases. PLAAK is open for collaboration; our team is highly flexible and fluent in all forms of communication.

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