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A Secure Wallet and a Fully Fledged Exchange in One

PLAAK's Exchange enables users to trade digital currencies in a safe market with competitive fees

Our Security

Advanced Security

Advanced Biometrics

With PLAAK’s biometric security layer, you can login at a moment’s notice. Simply use your fingerprint or facial information.

No Hidden Fees

PLAAK’s Exchange features some of the lowest trading fees in Australia. Choose to save even more money by pairing with PLK.

Multi-Factor Authentication

PLAAK has focussed a lot of its attention on security. Some features to further safeguard user accounts and data include 2FA, email security, secret passwords and advanced server-sided security.


Get access to real-time trading of popular cryptocurrency and FIAT currency pairs on the go. Buy, sell, deposit and withdraw anywhere at any time with a personal exchange profile and wallet. Accessing your digital portfolio is easier than ever, and with PLAAK’s expanding platform you will have more ways to use your digital assets within one ecosystem in the future.

What We Bring

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