“Our mission is to help you invest intelligently. An investor can deposit and withdraw from the fund at any time giving you complete control over your portfolio. You can also “swap” from one investment sector to another, using any amount of money instantly.”
How We Work

Getting profits from Cryptocurrencies

As a user of the Investment App, both digital and equity assets have never been more accessible or customised to suit your needs. PLAAK's world-class Wealth Managed Fund offers a range of assets that are stored away safely in cold storage. On one hand our system can automatically use existing market data to minimise your risk, and pick and choose which investment option is best for you. On the other, you can choose which investment suits you personally, and build your own portfolio.

Plaak Wallet
What We Bring

Highly secure

PLAAK applies its advanced security features across all its applications. As a part of this, all the funds deposited by users are stored offline in our Multi-Level Labeled Cold Wallets. We have advanced automation for our development & IT functioning and support. The user wallets require biometric authentication for transferring funds along with the standard 2FA feature. Our whole process is completely automated. The Hot Wallets are kept with low buffer funds for risk minimisation.

Offline Wallet
Biometric Authentication
Secure Payment Gateway
How It All Connects

The PLAAK Ecosystem

What differentiates our Ecosystem from similar applications is that we focus on creating technology to make life easy by utilising the best features of the blockchain industry.

PLAAK Ecosystem consists of the Core, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Freelance, Investments, Health and our Business Suite. Our web 3.0 Ecosystem will soon be powered by the PLAAK Phaeton blockchain to speed up transactions, and lower costs. The Investments application links to our exchange for various conversions & trading, thus keeping all your investment in one place and ensuring they are 100% secure. PLAAK applications are accessible to anyone & everyone with 24/7 support.

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