Hold, Trade, Spend.

Be Your Own Bank.
With a 2-in-1 card &
an all-inclusive smart device application.

Control & use your digital money your way.
Because, it is yours.

PLAAK Pay Card

A secure cold wallet with wireless transactions.
Hold & pay anyone with 0% fees*

"No more cables and no more mess.
It's ready, anywhere you go".

with ease.

With a wide range of supported digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Verge, EOS, IOTA and many more, securing your all of your digital assets in one place has never been so easy or secure.

with ease.

With direct integration to PLAAK Exchange and the ability to quickly transfer funds from your cold wallet, you'll never miss out on a trade ever again due to the inability to transact or slow transaction times.

with ease.

Making payments with your digital currencies is a reality. Coupled with the PLAAK Pay Application, your digital assets can be used for their intended purpose anywhere in the world with 0% fees* for PLAAK Pay Card users.

Card Features

0% fees* for all users.
Yes, ZERO!
  • On-card Fingerprint Scanner
    The ultimate in user-security because no one
    can pretend to be you. Your fingerprint is used to
    authenticate all transactions.
  • Encrypted Element Chip Set
    Ensuring your card is safe from illegitimate
    Bluetooth scanners & receivers.
  • One-Tap Conversions - Powered By PLAAK Exchange
    Paying with BTC but the receiver wants ETH? One-Tap conversions make this process quick & easy.
  • Recovery Process
    Utilising your KYC and biometric data, you're able to
    recover all of your funds if you misplace your Card.
  • Supports A Wide Variety of Digital Currencies
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Verge, EOS, IOTA,
    ERC-20 Tokens & many more.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) & Bluetooth 4.2
    Wireless technology enables you to take your card
    anywhere and doesn't rely on cables to transfer.
  • Customisable E-Ink Display
    With an on-card display, viewing your balances
    & Card battery life is quick & convenient.
  • 3 Month Battery Life
    With daily use.
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* PLAAK charges no additional fees.
Standard blockchain transaction fees still apply for each respective network.