An all-inclusive app for everyday smart devices
Now anyone can accept digital
currency payments with
no setup costs or expensive fees.
Just the way it should be.
Take digital payments on-the-go, anywhere from anyone.
PLAAK Pay enables you to:
  • - Accept a wide variety of digital payments
  • - Manage & keep track of stock inventory
  • - Issue & pay invoices
  • and so much more!

14,500+ Retailers
world-wide accept
digital currencies

Join the new digital financial age by opening up your payment options to include digital currencies.
Providing Retailers
and sole traders with Options

Accept payments
with Tap & Pay

Wireless payments are now even easier with PLAAK Pay. With a wide range of currency options, your customer base is wider and more inclusive instead of exclusive.

We're Keeping Your Business In Mind,
By Saving You Time & Money.

All purchases & transactions incur
a super low 0.8% fee*
$0 setup cost.
Download the App, register & you're
good to go!
Obligations, subscriptions or contracts
Exchange payment currency
for another preferred currency for a small 0.1% fee
Your business listed on with info & geo-location for customers
*Incentivised fee structure.
The more you use PLAAK Pay, the cheaper the fees!
Are you interested in becoming a PLAAK Pay retailer, sole trader or individual user?
Join thousands of other merchants
from around the world!

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