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What is Sidechain
What is Sidechain?
A sidechain is a secondary blockchain connected to the main blockchain platform with a two-peg process which maintain fast transactions speed.
Benefit of Sidechain
Businesses and community organisation have the abilty to create their own private ledger which reduces congestion off the mainchain.
Sidechain Security
Validation of transaction is completed by other sidechain applications which maintains a decentralised environment.
Sidechain Scalabilty
The design of the Sidechain Application will allow the Sidechain owner the ability to scale and add chain-links such as department files.
Sidechain for Enterprises
The Sidechain applaication is designed for businesses and community organisations to run on a private ledger.
Sidechain Efficiency
Sidechain application is designed to operate on more efficent process reducing lag in the mainchain.
The power of Sidechain.
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