The Plaak Team

PLAAK is backed by some of industry’s most experienced and talented people.

Chai Shepherd
Co-Founder / Technology + Development
Chai has a background in management and UI design / Front-end development. With his solid technological background and strong business connections. Chai is an early Crypto Currency investor with vast academic and business connections. He leads the IT and development project with his entrepreneur project plans.
Damian Robson
Co-Founder / Operations + Marketing
Leads the in-company operations and key strategic decisions for the company, Damian is a key contributor in corporate partnerships and in managing and promoting relationships with investors. He also leads the company’s marketing and PR efforts including branding and growth.
Advisory and Management Team
Abhishek Parashar
Lead Project Developer
9 years of Experience Web Development, Database Design and Development, System and Application Development. Abhishek lead the development team in driving innovation, and providing technical and project leadership to multiple teams.
Marc Gorin
Advisor Entrepreneur
Currently an entrepreneur, small business owner and operations manager. Skilled in people management with a passion for the personal development of the team around him. Qualified in franchising and hospitality management. Believes that in life "you get out what you put in".
Michael Arbach
Block-chain Architect / Sr. Development Advisor
Michael is a business-oriented software engineer with over ten years of experience in backend development and distributed architecture. As a Senior Developer of our block-chain solution, he is building and coordinating the core functionality of PLAAK.
Clinton Omacini
Advisor Entrepreneur Project Operations
Investor in cryptocurrency, an advisor of the board with future project and execution of technology platforms. Clinton is an advisor of Chai Shepherd with his background in innovation and technology. Clinton bring a lot of experience with information in design graphic and UI concepts.
Steve Stanley
Head Of PR marketing
Steve Stanley has been in Marketing for over 35 years. As a serial entrepreneur, he has built multi-million dollar companies, such as Stanley Industries, Inc., in Miami, Florida, USA. Steve has also operated a Direct Response Advertising Agency along with several Nutritional Supplement companies.
Todd Carmody
Advisor of Social Marketing Strategies
Todd is a crypto currency investor an advisor to the Board of PLAAK and a social motivational speaker to the group. His connections in the film and movie industry is an asset to PLAAK with global opportunity. Todd has 7 years as a forex trader and 20 plus years with international film and television Grip/Lighting technician.
Developement Team
Rahul Vyas
UI-UX Developer
Being a perfectionist, Rahul takes care of all the designs for PLAAK. Having over 6 years of experience, and born as a design lover, Rahul leads the design and development team and handles the UI-UX of PLAAK. He has worked for various international startups including Newbee Network, SiteControl, and many others. He likes to think design as a business strategy.
Himanshu Tiwari
Backend Developer
Himanshu has been a web developer for over 2 years now. As a technology enthusiast, he has participated in more than fifteen hackathons in his development career and has won over eleven of them. He has also been a part of the technology teams of various other startups in India. He has been closely connected to the startup world including HackSociety.
Shashi Kumar
Blockchain Engineer
After 10 experience as Software Engineer, kumar left his last position as IBM System Engineer to work as independent consultant. Kumar had early interest in Smart Contracts and managing blockchain nodes. He is a founding partner at WeGo decentralized ride sharing App.