Expand your investor base reach issuing Security Tokens
what is assets tokenization?
Tokenization of assets is the concept of using blockchain technology to securitize assets. It is the process of issuing a blockchain token that digitally represents a real tradeable asset. This commonly referred to as a "Security Token"
Simplifying Assets Tokenization
We make it easier for your business to create a assets-backed security token by splitting traditional assets into virtual peices and replacing then with a "Security Token" stored on the Blockchain.
Fractional Ownership
Traditional assets such as commercial real estate and fine art are usually defined by a high price per unit. Digitalization of an asset offers an efficient path to fractionalize its value.
Enhanced Trust
Transparency and immutable nature of distributed ledger technology to reduce the reliance on a 3rd-party to execute the transaction and reduces counterparty risks settlements.
Global Accessibility
Digital wallet can be opened online almost instantaneously, this makes digital assets more accessible than traditional financial market instruments.
Global Reach
Traditional IPO Global markets are restricted in trading. Whereas a Security Token backed by Assets is accessible by anyone on any Global exchange platform.
A secuirty token can represent the following
Financial Instruments
For use in equities, bonds, loans and funds
Tangible Assets
For use in real estate, artworks and precious metals
Intellectual Property
For use in copyright, trademarks and patents
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